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RCx MSA Specification Rev 1.0 Aug 3 2017 RCx MSA Specification Rev 1.0 Aug 3 2017 HOT


The RCx Multi Source Agreement (MSA) describes a high density, low cost, passive copper connector and cable system, specifically designed for Intra-Rack connectivity of 25GbE, 50GbE, and 100GbE (Ethernet) applications supported by 25Gb/s lane performance. RCx is designed as a simple, flexible, low cost passive electrical connection for intra-rack switch to adapter deployments. The streamlined and flexible design eliminates the need to include provision for active electrical components such as EEPROMs, optics, re-timers, or management ICs. By designing switches and adapters with RCx, not only is the connector and cable system lower cost, but the electrical design of the switches and adapters themselves can be simplified significantly, thus further reducing overall solution cost. Included are electrical and mechanical interfaces and definitions of receptacle electrical connector, receptacle-cage, cable connector, front panel cut out and host PCB layout. This document provides a common specification for systems manufacturers, system integrators, and suppliers of cables and connectors.


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